A Parkhill Family Tradition Since 1963

Parkhill's Warehouse Liquors and Wine was started over 50 years ago by Fred Parkhill. Since then Parkhill's Warehouse has grown to become Tulsa's premier liquor store.

Our focus is on giving each customer what they are looking for at the best prices. We pride ourselves on making sure that we have the best selection of beers, wines, and liquors in the Tulsa area. We stock a simply amazing variety of spirits that’s sure to include many old familiar favorites, as well as more than a few fine discoveries you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. From unique micro-brews to world-class liquors and fine domestic and imported wines, Parkhill's Warehouse Liquors and Wine is sure to have something to wow even the most refined palate. If you’re not sure exactly what to get, we’ll be more than happy to pass on a little expert advice.

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A Wine Department Beyond Compare.

At Parkhill's Warehouse inside our wine department you will find over 3500 hand selected fine domestic and imported wines along with an impressive selection of sparkling wines, Champagne, and dessert wines. Our wine buyers stay on top of the latest trends and customer preferences to make sure we can offer the best variety and selection at a great value. Whether you're a wine novice or a wine enthusiast, our experienced associates can help guide you through the wine-buying process so that you know that you have selected the perfect bottle of wine.

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Cocktail Anyone?

Our extensive spirits collection offers a wide selection to choose from. We keep a large number of premium single-malt scotches in every price range, as well as a wide range of fine imported and domestic vodkas. We also offer a large selection of quality imported rums, numerous small batch bourbons, premium Mexican tequilas, imported and micro-distilled gins plus a complete line of brandy, cognacs and cordials.

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Great Beer Selection at the Best Price.

Parkhill's Warehouse offers unbeatable selection and pricing on imported beer from every corner of the world. Our extensive beer selection includes many of the classic domestic and imported beers plus a great selection of ales, pilsners, hard ciders, stouts, lager, and specialty beers. We have over 500 varieties of beers. If you're looking for a certain beer and you don't find it on our shelves, just ask and we will do our best to make it available. No matter if you need a six pack, case or a keg, Parkhill's Warehouse is the place to shop for beer.

Meet Our Experts

Our well trained staff is here to answer your questions and help you with your selections.


Parkhill's Wine Expert

Milton Leiter started in this business over 30 years ago stocking shelves in a small store while a graduate student at Syracuse University. He quickly found that he despised academia and was becoming quite smitten with wine. He then went on to work at the largest store in central New York specializing in fine wine before working his way back to his hometown of Tulsa where he then married his lovely and charming wife, Michelle. After working for five years for one of the wine and spirit brokers, he realized that he truly missed retail and helping customers; especially helping them to integrate wine into their everyday lives. Twenty or so years here at Parkhill’s and many trips to California and France later, he maintains both his passion for wine and for the customer.


Parkhill's Wine Expert

Dave Williams started in the retail wine business after ten-plus years of bartending and catering in the Tulsa area. Serving customers in both fine dining and cocktail lounges has brought him extensive knowledge of various spirits and familiarity with the ever growing world of beers and ales. After many travels and attendance at tastings here and abroad, he has gained a great love for wine, which combines three of his favorite subjects – history, geography and spirits. Following a nine year stint at another large wine store in Tulsa, Dave came to work at Parkhill’s. Dave has been there over twelve years now helping customers with their selections and enjoying his passion for wine and shows no signs of letting up!


Parkhill's Beer Expert

Tim Brown is a lifelong resident of Tulsa graduating from Metro Christian Academy. His passion for beer started at home in the kitchen with his desire for the culinary arts. He has been in the liquor industry for 8 years, all at Parkhill’s. Starting at Parkhill's South as a stocker and Tim took every opportunity to learn more about the alcohol industry from the business to the products. Tim has been managing the Parkhill’s Party Accessories for 4 years. He prides himself on excellent customer service and product knowledge with a proclivity in beer. Tim has travelled all over the US to learn more about beer making techniques, customer preferences and regional beer differences. He is currently studying to become a Cicerone.

Milton's Picks

Roederer Estate Brut N/V

One of my go-to bubbles for many years running. This is made by the famous Roederer Champagne house from France, the people who bring you Cristal, from their property in Anderson Valley California. For those who want Champagne but balk at the price, this is, in my opinion, the closest domestic offering in terms of aromatic and flavor profile as well as structure. $26.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Dupeuble Beaujolais Nouveau 2018

Yes, I, Milton, picked a Nouveau as one of my choices and I will tell you why. After years of trying Nouveaus that were simply “ok”, I had pretty much given up on them. This one is really good. It is straightforward with bright and exact flavors that entice just enough to keep the wine interesting yet easy enough to drink to just drink. In short, it is everything that a Nouveau should be. $16.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Warre’s LBV Port 2004

LBV or “Late Bottled Vintage” means that all of the grapes come from one vintage but rather than the Port being bottled after only one year of aging, as is the case with “Vintage” Port, it is bottled after a minimum of three years. The result is that it does not require cellaring and is ready to go upon release. Deep black fruit and layers of holiday spice permeate this perfect end to a perfect season. Pairs best with figgy pudding. $32.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Montinore Estate Pinot Noir 2016

Classic Oregon! Crisp red berry aromas and flavors topped off with a soft herb and loam quality kept clean with balanced acids. Put this on your holiday table and it is sure to please even your wine snob guests without breaking the bank. $16.49 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Dave's Picks

Naonis Prosecco Brut

Fun Italian sparkler leaning to the dry side. crisp, clean and light on it’s feet, this thrifty little number will please every holiday guest. $11.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Copla Clarea

White Sangria from Spain made with organic grapes and a little carbonated water for a slightly spritzy pop. Serve well-chilled with fresh fruit, desserts or my personal favorite, the ever popular cheese ball! $7.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Nurnberger Christkindles Gluhwein

What a mouthful! Translation: Christmas Eve “glow wine”. A German mulled wine traditionally served warm on cold winter nights. Comes in economical one liter bottle. $8.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Penalonen Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

From renowned Chilean winery Domus Aurea, this entry level Cab over-delivers in a big way. Aromas of mint, eucalyptus and mocha envelope a palate with notes of dried cherries, cola, balsamic vinegar and hickory. $15.99 (Price good for December 2018 only.)

Tim's Picks

Prairie Artisan Ales Paradise

Coconut Vanilla Stout. Yep, you heard that right. They took a stout, gave it a hint of vanilla and a good deal of toasted coconut and created one season defying, genre bending brew. Imperial stouts are usually thought of as a cold weather beer, but here the coconut and vanilla blend push the image of the stout into a year round, all season style. $6.99/12oz. (Price good for February, 2018 only.)

Tallgrass Brewing Co. Strawberry Shortcake

With our second reach into The Goodie Bag, we find Strawberry Shortcake. A Wheat Ale with a beautiful aromatic strawberry flavor and a cake-like vanilla richness for a delicious experience with one of America’s favorite dessert treats. Enjoy! $8.59/6pk. (Price good for February, 2018 only.)

Jaanihanso Rosé Méthode Traditionnelle

Vintage hand crafted medium dry cider (Apple Wine) from fresh farm pressed traditional Estonian juice apples and black currants . Wild yeast used for primary fermentation. Bottle fermented for at least six months according to traditional method. $22.99 for 750ml. (Price good for February, 2018 only.)

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